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Food Grade TPV 70A Tubing

Thermoplastic vulcanizate (TPV) tubing offers good mechanical properties under a wide range of operating temperatures.  Highly durable, TPV is resistant to fatigue, ozone, ultraviolet, acids, alkalis, water, and most oils and lubricants. Food Grade TPV 70A tubing is manufactured from raw materials that meet FDA requirements.

Food Grade TPV 70A Tubing

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Outside Diameter (OD)Inside Diameter (ID)Wall Thickness
3/16" OD1/16" ID1/16"Send RFQ
1/4" OD1/8" ID1/16"Send RFQ
5/16" OD3/16" ID1/16"Send RFQ
3/8" OD1/4" ID1/16"Send RFQ
3/8" OD3/16" ID3/32"Send RFQ
3/8" OD1/8" ID1/8"Send RFQ
7/16" OD5/16" ID1/16"Send RFQ
7/16" OD1/4" ID3/32"Send RFQ
1/2" OD3/8" ID1/16"Send RFQ
1/2" OD5/16" ID3/32"Send RFQ
1/2" OD1/4" ID1/8"Send RFQ
9/16" OD3/8" ID3/32"Send RFQ
9/16" OD3/16" ID3/16"Send RFQ
5/8" OD1/2" ID1/16"Send RFQ
5/8" OD3/8" ID1/8"Send RFQ
5/8" OD1/4" ID3/16"Send RFQ
11/16" OD1/2" ID3/32"Send RFQ
3/4" OD1/2" ID1/8"Send RFQ
7/8" OD5/8" ID1/8"Send RFQ
1" OD3/4" ID1/8"Send RFQ
1-1/4" OD1" ID1/8"Send RFQ