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Nylon 11 Tubing

Our Nylon tubing is manufactured from engineering resin and can provide good abrasion resistance, high pressure, and strength at high temperatures.  Common applications include hydraulic hoses, robotics, and vacuum, fuel, vapor or air lines. Nylon 11 tubing has better flexibility than Nylon 6 or 6/6 and has higher heat resistance than Nylon 12.

Nylon 11 Tubing

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Outside Diameter (OD)Inside Diameter (ID)Wall ThicknessW.P. @ 70° F
1/8" OD.093" ID.016"852Send RFQ
1/8" OD.079" ID.023"852Send RFQ
5/32" OD.106" ID.025"720Send RFQ
3/16" OD.138" ID.025"573Send RFQ
1/4" OD.180" ID.035"615Send RFQ
1/4" OD.170" ID.040"720Send RFQ
5/16" OD.232" ID.040"555Send RFQ
3/8" OD.275" ID.050"581Send RFQ
1/2" OD.375" ID.062"535Send RFQ