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High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Tubing

Polyethylene tubing is economical and suitable for many general purposes, including air, water and chemical transfer lines.  We manufacture our polyethylene tubing from raw materials that meet FDA requirements. HDPE has higher pressure and abrasion resistance than LLDPE and can be sterilized by boiling.

High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Tubing

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Outside Diameter (OD)Inside Diameter (ID)Wall ThicknessW.P. @ 70° F
1/4" OD.170" ID.040"260Send RFQ
1/4" OD1/8" ID1/16"456Send RFQ
5/16" OD3/16" ID1/16"340Send RFQ
3/8" OD1/4" ID1/16"272Send RFQ
7/16" OD5/16" ID1/16"228Send RFQ
1/2" OD3/8" ID1/16"194Send RFQ
5/8" OD1/2" ID1/16"151Send RFQ
3/4" OD.625" ID1/16"123Send RFQ
3/4" OD.600" ID.075"152Send RFQ
7/8" OD3/4" ID1/16"105Send RFQ
1" OD7/8" ID1/16"90Send RFQ
1" OD.814" ID3/32"140Send RFQ
1" OD3/4" ID1/8"195Send RFQ
1-1/4" OD1" ID1/8"152Send RFQ
1-1/2" OD1-1/4" ID1/8"124Send RFQ
1-3/4" OD1-1/2" ID1/8"105Send RFQ
2" OD1-3/4" ID1/8"91Send RFQ
2-1/4" OD2" ID1/8"80Send RFQ