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General Purpose 73A Santoprene™ Tubing

Santoprene™ thermoplastic vulcanizate tubing offers good mechanical properties under a wide range of operating temperatures.  Highly durable, Santoprene™ is resistant to fatigue, ozone, ultraviolet, acids, alkalis, water, and most oils and lubricants. General Purpose 73A Santoprene™ is suitable for industrial use and is slightly firmer than 64A Santoprene™.

General Purpose 73A Santoprene™ Tubing

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Outside Diameter (OD)Inside Diameter (ID)Wall Thickness
1/4" OD1/8" ID1/16"Send RFQ
3/8" OD1/4" ID1/16"Send RFQ
5/8" OD3/8" ID1/8"Send RFQ
9/16" OD7/16" ID1/16"Send RFQ
11/16" OD1/2" ID3/32"Send RFQ
3/4" OD1/2" ID1/8"Send RFQ
7/8" OD5/8" ID1/8"Send RFQ
1-1/4" OD1" ID1/8"Send RFQ