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Plastic Tubing: Chemical Resistance Properties Specifying Guide

We often receive phone calls and e-mails from customers asking about the chemical resistance properties for the various types of plastic tubing manufacturered here at Hudson Extrusions.

Ultimately, customers need to do their own due diligence to determine whether a particular type of plastic tubing is appropriate for their specific application, but our years of experience in the industry mean that we can offer recommendations to help customers select the proper grade of plastic tubing.  There is no substitute for testing our products in your environment.  To ensure a particular grade and material of plastic tubing is suitable for your application, we suggest the following:

  • Use one of our mini-forms on our website to ask questions
  • Contact Hudson Extrusions to see if you qualify for a sample
  • Refer to our Plastic Tubing Specifying Guide

Curious if a particular grade of plastic tubing has good UV resistance?  Uncertain if exposure to acids, alkalies, ketones, or esters will compromise the tubing resulting in poor performance or worse yet, a leak?  Consult our Chemical Resistance Chart or contact the plastic tubing specialists at Hudson Extrusions for a recommendation.