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Plastic Tubing Physical Properties

All products should be tested in their own environments before use.
Key for Tables
* – ASTM D790: Flex Modulus @ -40°F
** – Not to be used in contact with food, beverages or drugs
$ – ASTM D1525
# – Complies with the relevant section of title 21 of the code of Fed. Reg

a – Dry 0.2% MC @ 73°F
b – Conditioned to equilibrium w/50% RH @ 73°F
c – Break
d – Yield
e – @ 264 psi
f – @ 66 psi

  Specific Gravity Tensile Strength (PSI) Elongation% Hardness Heat Distortion
D1505/D792 D882/D638 D882/D638 D785 D648
FDA & Ind. Vinyl 1.22 2200(c) 350 75A 150°
LLDPE <.920 2800(c) 530 44D 120(f)
HDPE .955 3900(d) >500 65D 151(f)
Polypropylene .899 3800(d) 400 70R 122(e)
EVA .926 2100 700 36D/92A 140
Nylon 6 1.14 11(a)/
6.3(b) x 103
200(a)/300(b) 119R a/
Nylon 6/6 1.14 11(a)/
90(a)/300b 121R(a) 212(a,e)
Nylon 11 /12 1.05 / 1.2 7.5 x 103
360(a)(b) 78R(b) 110 – 118(e)

D792 D412 D412 D2240

1.12 5500 550 80A-97A 185($)
1.20 6500 550 77A-97A 185($)
TPV-64A .97 1000 400 64(a) 275
TPV-73A .97 1230 460 73(a) 275
TPV-73A-FDA# .97 1230 460 73(a) 275
  Brittleness Temp. Odor and Taste Toxicity Flammability Clarity
D746 D635
FDA & Ind. Vinyl -25°F None Indus:** FDA: None Self-Ext. Crystal Clear
LLDPE -103°F None None Slow <2″min. Milky
HDPE -103°F None None Slow Semi-Opaque
Polypropylene -40°F None None Slow Semi-Opaque
EVA -76°C None None Slow Translucent
Nylon 6 5.4(a)*/6.3(b)* None None Self-Ext. Semi-Opaque
Nylon 6/6 4.7(a)/5.0(b) None None Self-Ext. Semi-Opaque
Nylon 11/12 3.3* None None Slow (UL-94HB) Semi-Opaque


Polyurethane Ether <50°C* None None Clear
Polyurethane Ester <50°C* None None Clear
TPV-64A <60°C None None Slow Black
TPV-73A <60°C None None Slow Black
TPV-73A-FDA# <60°C None None Slow Manila

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